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Purchase a patio set for $620 at big lots. They made the progressive lease thing seem so appeasable.

SO I applied, got approve and been having $45 automatically withdrawn from my check twice a month for the last 9 months. Was concerned why they was still notifying me about an upcoming withdrawal. SO I call and is told that I still have a $600 balance on the account. WHAT?!

Even if going pass the 90 day pay off thing, this is ridiculous. This is what they should tell you up front, not on some small print that you read after everything is processed. Better off using a credit card. At least you can make monthly payments you want to pay, or at least the minimum.

This is highway robbery. $1147 for a cheap plastic wicker set.

Fool me once, will NEVER fool me again Progressive Ripoff Leasing..... Even worst I had this in my savings and could've just used it, at least I wold have saved $ in the long run..................

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Lower the payoff amount.

I didn't like: Outrageous rate, Being misinformed.

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