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This company does not return my emails, respond to postal mail or any other form of communication. They claim that they cannot send me my information unless I also give them my phone number.

I went to collections for an account that I have already paid. I have mailed in the proof of payment three times. They then tell me that I have to fax it in. So I do.

Then they tell me that they still don't have it. So now I've emailed it in. Can I find this person that I've talked to and have been working with? NO.

I'm now getting routed to different parts of the company and they're telling me that I've never had an account with them. I've been trying to get this off of my credit report for over three years. They wouldn't know where to find their paperwork if I glued it to their face. WORST COMPANY EVER!

This is the WORST service that I have EVER had! If you have a bill here, good luck!

I'll still be working on getting this off of my credit until the day I die, or they day when they give up.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If they have no record of you being a customer then you can have the collection proceedings stopped. And if its on your credit report they will have to remove that as well.

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