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We went to the mattress store after passing by their Windows all the time no credit check etc. first he said lets see what we can get you approved for we got approved for $1500 and got a $1200 bed after everything the protection case and a bed frame it was just under $1500.

The guy had hubby walk behind the computer sign somethings and we left thinking we would be paying about $129 a month two payments of about $65 each wrong all wrong. We get the emails of the contracts from progressive at home and find that we will end up paying a total of $3200 for a $1200 mattress that's 120% interest. We call and my hubby finds out it isn't $128 a month that its $128 twice a month yeah no we will be returning this bed I'll be damned if I pay almost as much for my bed as my truck or half my rent.

I think this company does a terrible job of letting customers know exactly what is going on we got no papers leaving the store and even the emails had us thinking we would be paying half the amount every month. I think it's terrible it is such a high interest rate that I will be paying nearly 3x the original amount it's a bed for Christ sake

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You all need to read contracts before you sign them.

I found a music store (altomusic) that offers progressive finance.

Same process, you apply through progressive, they approve you for an amount based on your income, then you buy stuff. Here's how it pans out:

When you first get set up, it plans you automatically for a 1 or 2 year plan, which is where that huge amount of interest comes in. HOWEVER, if you pay it off in 90 days, the finance amount is roughly 19% (this is not bad at all). I had ~799 of gear, paid about $150 extra in finance charges.

The trick, though, is you have to go to your progressive account, go under statements, then select the 90 day plan. This will take your amount loaned plus the finance charges (the small percent one) and disperse it over 90 days.

IF YOU DON'T DO THIS THEY DEFAULT YOU TO 2 YEARS, so you'll end up having TONS of finance charges. You have to specifically change it to the 90 day payoff, and you have to ACTUALLY pay it off within 90 days.

If you aren't paid up by day 90, you'll get hit with the huge charges (in my case, with my ~800 loan and 150 in finance charges, the 90 day option was ~950, whereas if I missed the 90 day, it became 2,000).

You have to pay it off in 90 days and you'll get a great deal, and you have to go to your progressive account to flip it over to 90 days or yes, you'll get screwed.

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Omg ....i read your story and can relate ,i bought tire and rims $167.00 a month i pay and its been one year already i thought i was almost done paying and they said oh no that was only for your rims your tires are thru another finance co. So pretty much im screwed !! I still owe another year and half on the tires for $77.00 so i got vogue tires for like $2500.00 and i could of bought them in downtown L.A for $1200.00 for all 4

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