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Its a high risk loan where they don't check your credit or reprt to credit agencies. Nothing is ever same as cash.

You're all adults. Stop whining because you were too *** and signed a legally binding contract off of what some 19 year old with bad acne told you it was going to be. Can't read it? Don't sign it.

Don't ever listen to what *** sales associates tell you. Pay off the account within 90 days or three months and you won't have to deal with the lease multiple.

Its not their fault if you can't pay it off. Maybe you should get your *** together if you have to lease a bracelet.

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Bahaha!!! That's so true !

Stop sobbing because you couldn't afford Ashley's Furniture. LMAO


You all who work at Progressive have real *** attitudes when it comes to the customers your ripping off! You all jack the prices on cheap furniture and then taunt those who have now buyers remorse...Are you kidding me?

Where the *** are your moral?! Crooks should stay silent!!!!

Irving, Texas, United States #966316

*** proggressive finance is letting you people have it. Tell it like it is. Lol

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