I got a phone through MetroPCS, but leased through Progressive. They seem to have an agreement with each other where they lead me into believing that in 90 days I could pay off the balance of the phone (about $600 USD).

They asked me how much I could give that day (to start the new agreement) and I said $100. Wouldn't that leave a balance of $500 for the next 89 days? Nope. When I went to MetroPCS to pay the balance (about 2 months later) they said I had to make it to Progressive; when I contacted Progressive via email, they avoided my question, giving me some other information I did not ask for.

They had me in this back and forth for months (I have all emails to prove it). When I finally received the relevant information I was asking for (conveniently for them it was after the 90 days), I learned that my balance was of over $1,600 USD. They didn't want to accept the phone when I wanted to return it to them, but our contract states that I have the right to do so, as long as the phone is in the condition I received it - and it is. I am sending my phone regardless of the excuses they're giving me as to why they can't accept it, and my lawyer and I are excited to see if they dare to affect my credit...

Can you say, "lawsuit"? :-)

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*** you don't have any credit nor a lawyer.. Otherwise you wouldn't be using progressive


Oh my god.I just got a phone at metro, through them , I'm doing the 90 days pay off, I wonder how it really works, I'm set in the 90 days pay off, BUT I wonder if I have to pay more after that...gifhygh

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