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Update by user Mar 08, 2017

I was asked to give more information so I'm going to start from the beginning: when we first got our merchandise I called and set up payment method and once I got that taken care of I tried to set up a payment plan. I had called a couple of different times trying to do this and was told that I had to wait until they received the delivery date from the store.

The last call about that issue I was told that I would receive an email letting me know that everything was all set. Ok, fine. Email never came but a payment was taken out. I got on their website and saw that you had to call 3 days before payment was do to make any changes so I made sure I did that.

I called and said that I needed to set up a payment plan for bi-weekly instead of the weekly time they had set. They had a payment set to come out on the !0th I needed it to come out on the 14th after my husband was paid. They said that the only thing they could not change the payment already set for the 10th ( I called the 3 days before), they would have to put a note that it was going to be late and paid on the 14th ( strike against our credit) then set the 2 week payment plan up and with that the 2 week payment (double payment) would be taken out on the 17th. A lot to dish out when your on a budget.

And I wanted this set up bi-weekly from the start but couldn't get anyone to let me do that. HASSLE! HASSLE!

HASSLE! Then we get to my original complaint.

Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2017

Purchasing a bed through Progressive Leasing. Has been nothing but a hassle.

My husband started our agreement with one of our bank accounts, I called switching to our other account that we decided to use for payment. Apparantly they kept the furst on file and used it without our permission and caused us to be overdrawn. When i called to make sure they took the next payment out of the right account I was told that it was too late to make tgat change and would have to wait until that payment went through. There is more but dont really feel like spending anymore of my time talking about this company.

Bottom line... will never go through Progressive Leasing again and will encourage everyone I know not to either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They just did the same thing to me. I payed online with a different bank card and they kept the information and just started taking from that bank without consent, and now I'm in the negative.

to Anonymous #1300144
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We apologize for the misunderstanding! We encourage you to call us at 1-877-898-1970 so we can get that cleared up for you!

to Anonymous Tyler, Texas, United States #1300332

I'm not a confrontational person and so I only made this complaint because I don't want anyone else going through the same kind of hassle. With that being said I'm sorry that you're having the same kind of experience.

I find it very frustrating when they say to call but everytime I have called it's been no help. Maybe you will have better luck.

to Dissatisfiedcustomer2017 #1300618
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

The number 877-593-2520 is a direct line to a Customer Resolution Manager, they specialize in resolving difficulties such as this. Our hope in this situation, as it is with each concern that is brought to our attention, is that we can assist you this.

David is familiar with this post, but there are several others who are equally equipped. We encourage you to give us a call.

Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We apologize for any frustration you've experienced and want to thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We strive to be above board with our customers and our hope is that we can assist you with your concerns.

We encourage you to reach out to us at 877-593-2520. We look forward to hearing from you!

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