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i don't understand why i have to pay so much money . i cannot afford this .

i have bills to pay .

can someone please explain to me why i'm having to pay so much and how i can fix it . i've only had the phone for 3 days .

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Electronics Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Pretty sure it's all explained in the contract you signed. If you couldn't afford to borrow money from someone else then you probably shouldn't have.

Florida, United States #1341020

You have 90 days to pay the device in full (same as cash). After 90 days you pay a much higher amount.

I do agree that the amount can seem outrageous but leasing is intended for people with "less than perfect credit" and we do live in a capitalist society. Every time I have opted to take the lease I have done the 90 day pay option. I would recommend taken the 90 day option or opting to save your money and then purchase, rather than taken the long term leasing option. There is also a $50 fee associated with each lease (kind of like a finance charge) and when the purchase is greater than $500, this becomes a 10% fee.

I personally like Progessive leasing because my credit is"less than perfect" at the moment and it gives me the option to purchase something with a small initial (same day) and subsequent payments.

However, as I stated before I make sure to set it up for 90 days. I also like that I can make payments with a credit or debit card just like if you were making the original purchase at the store.

Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We apologize for any frustration you have experienced and want to thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We strive to be above board with our customers and our hope is that we can assist you with this difficulty.

We encourage you to reach out to us at 877-593-2520. We look forward to hearing from you!

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