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With Official Company Response

While shopping for an emergency phone replacement Metro PCS was "out" of the phones they had on sale, I told the sale girl I couldn't afford extra payments as I am disabled and only receive $700.00 a month, to my disbelief the sales girl told me my credit had been approved, then added several items to the phone purchase because they were "on sale".I was to have my phone paid off in three months, a year later I am still paying. Come to find out...
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I didn't like
  • Sales girl misrepresented the sales
  • Liars
This company is the worst company.They charged me 400 dollars for a phone thats 170 in store. They wont explain why they charged me twice the the amount the phone is worth.they refuse to reimburse me for the money they stole. Also i was told i would only be paying 40dollars extra on top of my phone bill which is 66 month,which is a lie because they charged me 102 dollars the first 3 weeks i had the phone. This company blames everyone else for...
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