I read a lot of reviews about this company before going through Big Lots. I was skeptical about purchasing, because I read some bad bad bad reviews.

I never write reviews, but I want everyone to know that I did end up purchasing a couch by going through the leasing program and I did do the 90 day pay-off and it was fantastic. I think what really gets people is that they do not read the full terms and unhelpful sales associates. I went to one big lots and the guy knew nothing about progressive leasing and than I went to another one and the guy knew so much about the leasing, he discussed everything very thoroughly with me and was so helpful. YOU NEED TO PAY OFF IN 90 DAYS or you will get ripped off.

As soon as I started my lease I went home and called the company and asked them to put me on a 90 Day program pay off and the sales associate thanked me for calling to get that set up, because I do think you have to call to make this arrangement (that is another thing to be aware of) this is stated in the lease. If you cannot pay off in 90 days you should not purchase anything. They do take out two payments a month on the 1st and 15th, so once again if you cannot do 90 day program than do not purchase from this company. It clearly states in the lease if you do not pay off in 90 days you will pay double what you paid for it.

So make sure you just cover all your bases.

Once my six payments were up they sent me a conformation email and everything that I was all set to go and my lease had come to an end!

Good Luck all!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Leasing.

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I agree with you 100 percent I have now used progressive 2 times with 2 different companies big lots and price busters paid them both off 90 days no problem. Called and reps were very helpful.each sales person I had was fantastic.

So like she said read fine print and make sure you keep checking on dates to see if 90 days are close and pay off.

I set up one for 90 day pay off the other I let take out minimum payment every 2 weeks the last payment I paid off.

Good Luck

to Anonymous South Jordan, Utah, United States #1109095

Thank you for working with us! We appreciate your positive review of our services.

If you ever have a question or concern, please call 877-539-2520. Thanks again!


I Never had a problem With Them Pay off in 30 days You Fine

to Anonymous South Jordan, Utah, United States #1109092

Thank you for your business! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at 877-593-2520. Have a great day!

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