We had a Groupon that was $49 for $200 off a furniture purchase. The "store," Trifecta Bedding (Lexington, Ky), is really just a small office space with about 10 mattress sets/beds.

The salesmen scrolled through different furniture options on a laptop. We decided on a floor model bed that they agreed to take $200 for and a memory foam mattress set that would have to be ordered; for that they agreed to $450. We were financed through Progressive for $1175. The salesmen went in a draw and pulled out a worn copy of a contract with very small writing.

It was just a sample, he said, "this just says that you have 6 months to pay it with no interest but if you don't get it paid by then, it's going to cost you a lot more. You can pay weekly or monthly and if you pay before a year is up then 65% of your interest is refundable. But basically pay before the six months us up." He told us to just type the name for a signature and our final contract would be emailed to us.This was Aug.30,2014. The mattress set has to be ordered and we were told it'd be there Sept.8.

The delivery fee would be $40 and was separate from the contract. We paid $28 down (1 week payment) and there was an added $40 for a processing fee. When we tried to use our Groupon they clicked the redeem button then gave us $50 off of the bed (total now $400) instead of the $200. They told us they were giving us a better deal because they would have to charge us $800 for the bed because we would be getting a free bed and they wouldn't make any money.

Other customer reviewers had the same issue (quoting one price then jacking it way up when you show then your Groupon. A couple days later we take a look at the contract they emailed to us and immediately notice that the it's a lease agreement with 90 day SAC terms NOT 6months! We've been getting the run around from the furniture company ever since. We've been trying to cancel this insanely predatory contract for weeks now!

The store has not delivered the merchandise (which we originally agreed to) and we haven't gone to pick it up. When we talked to progressive the customer rep in the Returns Dept.said we have to pick it up from the store and they will "suspend our account" until they send someone to pick the merchandise up from us (which will cancel our account). But when we asked where they are located, he said Utah (we're in Ky). He told us it would be "several months" before they come get it!

We asked if he could send us something with those instructions/terms in writing he said he couldn't because that would "require legal documents that we don't have access to." Huh? We told him to just send an email that states the process he just told us (we had already been emailing with company reps about our desire to cancel) and he still refused! Now I don't know what to do. Should we pick up the furniture or not?

It's Sept. 18th. So our merchandise has-presumably-been at the store for 10 days. The store receipt says they will only store it for 14 days.We don't want anything to do with these lying, shady, loan shark companies!

But we can't afford to pay $200/month for the next 3 and certainly not $1,497 over the next year!

What should we do? Immediate advice is much appreciated!

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Leasing.

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Fremont, California, United States #924675

Sounds like you have a problem with the store not the finance company, you want them to just close your account without having the merchandise? Or a statement that it was returned? They would lose money that THEY paid for YOU.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #885621

Consult a lawyer. Make a report to the Better Business Bureau.

Call Consumer Affairs. Send an e-mail to your local news consumer fraud line and tell your story.

Do everything but keep quiet about it. Protect yourself, not them.


Nothing in here really has anything to do with company. This is the retailer, maybe people are confused between the two, I dont know.

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