First I want to say I have used this company a total of 3 times. The first 2 times I had no issues at all and was actually happy with the overall process / company. I used this company since it allowed me the flexibility of doing 90 days as same as cash and not paying cash at one time. This last time I used the Progressive I realize that the company is just out the screw its customers now. In the past the company would send out emails/text letting you know that you 90 days was coming up. Now the company has decided to no longer do this. It appears that the company was having to many people like myself paying off their accounts within the allotted 90 days. So since I didn't keep up with this myself I have missed my 90 day period and now to payoff the account I am having to fork out an extra $400 dollars. Nice for 1 month of time. Of course when I called I got the typically response of we wish we could do something comments.

Be honest tell you customers. We changed or process so we could screw our customers and make money. That being a respectable company is not what we care about. It's screwing people and making as much money while I am sure they pay their own people pennies. This is just another example of a company finding ways to make money on our people. I will never use this company again and will go out of my way to tell everyone to stay as far away from this company as possible.

If you want to get screwed by a company by all means this is the company to go to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Leasing.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Seems to me this was your responsibility to know when your 90 days was up. I have never heard of a company giving that kind of a heads up call.

So, ultimately it is on you not the company.

Put it in your calendar if your memory is bad like most.


All leases are for 12 months, progressive gives customers an option to take advantage of the 90 days and it is stated in the contract, it's incumbent on the customer to call and make arrangements


With all do respect contracts can't be altered, this is to all the customers please read the contract before signing. Once the 90 days are missed unfortunately there is nothing that an agent can do besides giving the customer an option for an early but out. It is a binding document, please read read read

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #737785

This company can't even make good on a 90 loan. I filled out their application 2 times and qualified but was denied both times.

This is a scam.

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