Progressive finance is a joke. First of all I went with then in November for a phone.

I was unemployed but I figured id try anyways and I got approved no problem didn't need any other information then the application. I have been working si cell December over 6 months at my job my husband is in the military currently deployed. Combined we make more then enough to pay a lousy $23.00 a week. Anyways.

I wanted to get a living room set for our new house in base housing since hunny is come home. I went in applied at biglots they stated they needed more information. They need a 90 day bank statement copy of social and a copy of license no problem got all the info. Then they needed proof of income so I sent a copy of my pay stubs and hubby who I may add makes over 6k a month himself.

Along with a copy of poa they came back as declined because we dont make enough. Your telling me two incomes with a total of almost 10k a month is insufficient to make a less then $100 payment a month? Progressive finance is a joke a ran out of my way for 3 days to get or home ready for him while he come home it was suppose to be a surprise but now because im going to have to go to the store and pay in full hes going to want to know what I spent $600 on. So thank you progressive finance for runing a homecoming of a veteran who serves for your country.

I can't wait until this hits Sunday's paper! 87% approval rate, hassle free my ***!

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It doesn't matter how much one makes its not your place to tell them to buy it out front. You don't know their situation


Sorry about your experience but sometimes approval decision is not solely based on monthly income.


Okay, if you have that type if income, why do you need to use Progressive? Just saying.

to Anonymous #1032555

10k buy the furniture out right?

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