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This company hides behind a no-credit financing label, but misleads people to signing a year-long contract where they will charge you FOUR-TIMES the cost of what you are buying. In my case I was buying a discontinued mattress from Mattress Firm for $400 that ended up costing $1,600 (FOR A MATTRESS ONLY) by the time I paid out the contract. You are NOT financing with Progressive Financial, you are leasing. BIG DIFFERENCE. By leasing, they get around maximum interest rates because they are not loaning you money. That wasn't explained at all to me before I signed the 10-page contract electronically. I was mislead into signing by the sales associate at Mattress Firm, who told me that Progressive pays them for it and I am paying Progressive back, Progressive reports to all three credit bureaus so it helps my credit to pay on time and that it's interest free for 90 days, which is the biggest lie they tell you.

First, Progressive DOES NOT report to credit bureaus at all. Remember, this isn't credit, it's a lease so they do not have to report to credit bureaus.

The 90 day option is also not interest free. They tell you you can buy it for sale price, which is true, as long as you do so in 90 days. If you don't, then you will be responsible for the entire lease with only an early buyout option at double the sale price. That doesn't go down the more you pay on it. Also, if you pay more, it does not lessen the amount of payments. You sign a lease contract, not a credit agreement.

My biggest issue, however, is their collection practices. They screwed up my payment dates, making it two days before my payday (which they tell you that your payment dates will run parallel with your pay days). So it never got paid on the date they set for my payments being due. I emailed them three times about this and they refused to change it. However, they would call me on the FIRST DAY it was late repeatedly. I deliberately failed to pay my bi-weekly payment for three days once to see how many times they would call - 15 times in three days. My credit card doesn't even call me 1 time if my bill payment is three days late.

Reason of review: I was mislead.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Austin Texas you’re a total moron PAY ATTENTION!!! Your contract tells you the interest.

AND YES, if you pay it in full within 90 days it is 100% interest free!!!

You need to do a little more growing up first before you want to borrow money that has clear cut terms of repayment. Maybe you don’t speak English?


This person either did not understand their contract or did not read it. The mattress firm reduced price is 90 day same as cash, meaning IF you pay it out in 90 days you’ll pay exactly what you would had you paid it in cash on the spot.

Also if you signed up for the app or logged on to the site it clearly states when the 90 days are up. It also states payment going forward should you NOT finish the sale amount in 90 days. Extra payments DO go to the purchase price.

I just paid off my mattress in full today. Just under 90 days, same as cash price This post is both misleading and wrong.


I have just paid off my agreement before the 90 days, and though it may sound silly, but my question is.. I supposed to send the certificate of completion to all 3 credit bureaus, correct?


You were not misled, not in the slightest. Why do I say this?

because the payment schedule is laid out im advance and you are afforded to read the contract before you sign it. -the end

to Shane #1607739



My question is if there is no credit check then how can a person get denied for rent to own leasing? We don't understand how that's possible if you aren't checking a person's credit.

to T.B #1589325
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We understand how confusing that must be. We want to assist you in any way possible.

We have searched our system, and unfortunately we couldn’t find a phone number to reach you.

We would like to provide you with a resolution. Please reach out to us at 877-898-1970 so we can help you.

to T.B #1613698

They will use banking activity income and other factors to approve you. If you have a new checking account with no activity it can be a denial.

If you have a checking account with numerous NSFs you may be denied. If you are new to a job you may be denied. It’s not credit based but there had to be a comfortable degree of responsibility shown. Also yes, if you pay your full amount in 90 days or less it is interest free.

However if you are late or extend past the 90 day period you will be charged interest. This is the price you pay when you have a poor credit rating. If you didn’t read your contract before you gave permission to electronically sign it that’s completely your fault. Possibly a sign as to why you have a poor credit rating.

My company has been using Progressive for over a year now. Not a single issue yet.

J.C. Cusick





to SHELIA #1577110
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We understand how frustrating that must be. We want to assist you in any way possible.

We have searched our system, and unfortunately we couldn’t find a phone number to reach you.

We would like to provide you with a resolution. Please reach out to us at 877-593-2520 so we can help you.


Progressive is great , most ppl who have issues are the ones who failed to pay close attention or got bad info from a sales person who is short on progressive information. I would recommend calling progressive first to get all the right info.


90 days same as cash and I had no issues. You should have paid closer attention to the details BEFORE you signed the contract.

They can't be held responsible for your lack of reading. Just saying.

to Amber #1574803

Shut up you would of done the same thing.

to Anonymous #1576186

You dont know what a person would do . Your the type that signs an agreement and never even read the paper arent you. I already know your anger to those more prepared gave it awsy.nSome are humble enough to admit a mistake however I bet by your response,your quick to blame everybody else and prefer to play the victim.


When I first applied for the progressive leasing long I was fat furniture that would not fit my house and it was sent that I then read it a contract and only took part of what I ordered. It ended up being even more than it was with the whole furniture set.

They continuously called me over and over again. until I couldn't even turn on my phone and also my payments were extremely large monthly. I also had my bank account closed because they kept trying to charge my account. I want to get out of this and settle it but I don't know what to do?

I don't want it lingering in my past!!!

I don't even know if I can, Now open up a bank account? Anyone tell me what I should do?

to Brooke #1572237
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We apologize for any frustration you have experienced and want to thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience and hope we can do the same for you.

We encourage you to reach out to us at 877-593-2520 so we can resolve this situation for you in a timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you!


I just leased with Progressive leasing I purchased a high end table and a sectional for $1400. I was charged the $50 fee at start up and paid monthly payments as scheduled then paid the remaining balance 2 days before the 90 days same as cash option expired.

If you pay it off within 90 days you DO NOT pay interest. They do not mislead you it is clear in the contract and they explain that at the time the contract is signed. If you are 1 day late from the 90 day same as cash you will be charged the interest from the beginning of the contract so the entire length of the lease. Not sure why you are even upset if you would have paid it on time and before the 90 days then you would not of had this issue.

It's all in your contract and you get a copy of all the documentation that you signed.

I actually went back to purchase a bedroom suit after paying off the first lease the only down fall I see is after paying the lease off you have to wait 30 days to lease again. I'll be going back in July.


I have leased with them twice pay off your items within 90 days and you'd won't have any issues, they charge a $49 fee which is reasonable to me as I had 90 days to make incremental payment. Be responsible make the payment a priority for 90 days and this blog wouldn't exist.

You signed a contract if you don't take advantage of the buyout option don't be surprised or mad when the company enforce the contract you signed. It's not a scam if you cant afford to pay it off in 90 days my suggestion is don't don't lease save your money then buy it cash.

Otherwise if you do and don't use the buyout option expect to pay a ridiculous amount of money. Stay on top of your bills and stop complaining

to Anonymous #1481824

I agree with your entire statement. It was clear at the beginning of my lease this was a lease, not a financing option.

If you’re adult enough to sign a contract, you’re adult enough to read the terms and conditions which clearly states pay it off in 90 days and you won’t pay an astronomical amount. My contract specifically stated how much I’d pay if I didn’t pay it off I time.


Yes i tried to cancel my account over two months ago with mattress firm and tried to get ahold progressive leasing mattress firm just hangs up on me and progressive leasing has a waiting line of whom im guessing are extremely unsatisfied customers and youre definitely correct about ridiculous payments i got a 800$ mattress for 2500? Thats a bit out there half tempted to switch banks so they can finally get the hint that i dont want them anymore

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