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On the 30th on June, my fiancé and I were relieved that we were able to pay off the rest of our furniture within the 90 day period. We had purchased a sectional and an entire bedroom set from Mega Furniture and knew we'd be able to pay off the $1200 within the 90 days.

Today, July 4th, 5 days after paying in full, I received a collections email saying we still owe over $1100 when our bank accounts and paid in full email0 beg to differ. I have to wait until tomorrow to call since it's the holiday but how can we enjoy it when this is happening??!

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They use ACH Automatee Clearing House when charging a bank account and so it takes a few days to process the payment. My guess is that when you logged on to pay off, there was already a regular smaller payment pending on the account, their system credits it as paid even if it's pending so as to not overcharge you for the pay off.

So when you paid it off the regular payment was already subtracted from it. At this point you paid the pay off amount, but a few days later the smaller regular ACH paynent that yiu didn't realize was separate possibly bounced. And that mean you did not cover the 90 day pay off. However in my experience they still helped me after this had happened.

I paid the small payment that had bounced and the NSF fee but not the leasing charges. A seasoned agent will usually give you some pretty good options.

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Did you get it taking care of, or are they still trying to get more money out of u guys?


You may have paid on June 30, but the payment more than likely did not clear or post until two or more days later. Since payment did not clear until after June 30, the interest that was deferred from the first to ninety days, rolled into amount due.

You may believe you paid on the 90th day, but even with electronic banking, there are payment windows before amounts are credited.

I would bet it states similar on the payment website or the mail-in coupons and in the revolving credit contract.

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Its real simple just whip out your recept! And don't tell me you didn't get one, you did.

If you didn't then it sucks to be you. If you did, whip that bad boy out and tell them to eat ya :)
If that does not work out file a claim at your local small claim court, present your evidence and then watch them burn. Next is call your credit company and place a dispute on the credit item in question. That will prevent your credit from being damaged.

Then next find out the owners name, NOT the managers, he or she will try to work you. Then call that owner and tell him politely what happened, chances are he or she will resolve this.

If that don't work, get your court papers that the small claim court will give you and take them to your local news, tell them your story, and show them your evidence, sometimes they will help you. Especially if your a true victum.

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