Shame on all of you who complain about Progressive, you expect to get money loaned to you with no credit check and you want it to be cheap? That's why you need a company like Progressive because you are not realistic about the value, cost, and benefit of having good credit....and I'm one of you except my only complaint is I wished they would report my payment history to the credit bureau's so I can get some credit benefit from making these high interest payments.

I have used Progressive on 3 occasions, I have a $2000 limit with them, and will be using them again shortly.

They ABSOLUTELY made me aware of what I was getting into. I have no regrets.

Kevin from Deerfield Beach, FL

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Gulf Shores, Alabama, United States #963035

Well glad they were so great with you. They lied and when I thought I paid off told me they automatically sign you up as 12 month unless you call and request 90 day payoff.

It's a rip off and that why they have 2 stars I could've went somewhere else that check credit but opted to do this bcuz I knew I cld pay it off in 90 days without all the interest. purposelpurposely mislead you and you have to be an *** to knowingly accept a loan with this kind of interest, plus it's *** furniture that fall apart before 12 mnths are even up.

Plant City, Florida, United States #848965

I agree with you it's very simple especially if you dont have any credit. I've used it 4 times and have not had any problems with them.

They are much better then using a in store program that was called RAC now called Acceptance because people figured that RAC stood for Rent A Center which it did because they are owned by them. Now that program will end up costing an arm and leg!

3 to 4 times the amount they loan you! So thank god for progressive at least on my behalf.

Orlando, Florida, United States #845419

See this is fine. They told you what it was and how it was.

But there are others that didn't the plesantry. I was told it would be paid on a weekly basis but never told that I have to pay with 100% interest.

I literally have to pay them back 2000 when my purchase was 900.

to Anonymous Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States #845704

Unfortunately, that's how "No Credit Check" companies work, you typically do payback double what you borrow, but they have all of the risk, its sucks but if your credit is tanked you really don't have many choices, like I said I wish they would report the payment history to the bureau's which would help us restore credit...but wait, if our credit got better, we wouldn't need them (lol).

to Anonymous #860478

Everything is told to you in writing! You had to sign an agreement! When you sign something you agree you READ and understand the agreement!

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