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I see a lot of people on here saying that Progressive is ripping them off and charging too much. I have used them twice so far and would definitely use them again.

I think that the problem that other have is that they didn't actually read or understand the paperwork that they were signing. Everything that people complain about is clearly stated when you sign to use Progressive. Monthly payments and how they are calculated? It's right there and not hidden.

How much you will pay if you take the whole year to pay it off? Again, right in the paperwork. How much is interest? Well, if you even only read the bold words, it's right there for you explaining how it is not a traditional loan.

They even have a box that shows monthly payments and how much you will wind up paying if you take the full year. A separate box shows the total fee breakdown. I think that the issue is that people don't listen or don't read the paperwork that they are signing. That's the customer's problem and not the company.

Progressive sent me a copy of the contract immediately after I signed it. And I mean IMMEDIATELY. My phone dinged with the email right after I clicked "sign here". I actually took time to read it.

If I didn't like it, I could have cancelled right there. I have used a no credit plan at Aaron's and Progressive's is much better and it is able to be used at many retailers. This gives me more of a choice of what I can purchase. Their early payment options make it more affordable.

And if I can get it paid off in less than 90 days (done with a simple phone call) I can have my item now and pay it off later. I think people have to take ownership for their ignorance and lake of diligence and stop blaming Progressive for their mistakes.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: 90 days same as cash, Easy process, Customer service, Easy.

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Pittsburg, Kansas, United States #1301881

Your definitely not getting the same contract as these people. I just canceled mine and in the works on getting my money back after struggling to figure the difference in what I spent at the store being a much larger amount on the contract.

They explained they add ten % and said its in the first few lines which I read back to her. She said yes, that new price is with the extra ten % and I said but the contract never says you add ten % to the price, which she said no it doesn't.

I canceled the contract and bought the product outright instead, the store still claims there should be no additional fee with the 90 day finance and the manager was on hold with progressive when I left. Some of their stuff maybe legit, definitely not all of it.

to shawn #1350688

I truly agree

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