I have bad credit for whatever reason....trying to rebuild credit. In doing this, I know I will have to pay extra high financing just about anywhere. I went to Big Lots because of their name and reputation. I trusted them in the same capacity of a Walmart and/or Target.

I financed a recliner chair for 250.00, approximately. It's been a year and I wanted to finance something else because the chair should be almost paid off. 14 dollars A WEEK has been deducted from my bank account for a year.

I called to see what my remaining balance was and it was over 400.00. Because I didn't pay it off in 90 days, they addeded an additional finance fee. I currently owe twice as much as the cost of the chair in the first place. AND i'm not even close to being paid off. Oh yes, and I've already paid 14.00 a week for the past year.

You'll see my on the news picketing.....the cost is no longer the issue....it's the principle and morals i'm fighting for now!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States #1043782

READ THE CONTRACT!!! It says: "90 days same as cash, after that you take it up the ***".

Ok, so I paraphrased a little.




just don't buy stuff that you don't have the money for in the first place.it's just ***.

the reason our economy is so bad is because people weren't happy with what they had, they had to have the all the latest electronics and fashions, a bigger house, and expensive cars (even though they can't even afford a clunker) so they had to get credit cards and finance everything they "own".

then they can't afford to make credit card payments on time, so they go deeper and deeper into debt, and it's a vicious cycle. then they declare bankruptcy. then the govt. bails out the credit card companies.

then the money that was used to bailout the credit card companies comes from money obama borrowed from china and the american tax payers.

now thanks to those spoiled *** materialistic "chasing the american dream" mother ***, we are in debt with china by trillions of dollars.

god bless america.


I have lease 5 times now and have NEVER had a problem! So glad the rep explained thoroughly NOT to go over 90 days or the price would triple!

I've purchased my daughters bed, 2 dressers, a patio set + pillows & lounge chair, and as soon as my last pmt this month is deducted ongoing to get a pool!! The second I get home I call progressive and change my payment amounts to be ducted(divided by 3) and I what NO PROBLEMS! There is also many signs by the register letting u know the difference in pay if not paid off over 90 days!

The only down fall is they don't report to the credit bureau, I wish they did because of my purchases and pay offs on time! hope this helps


Yes, those fees are ridiculous, but at the end of the day the the responsibility is on you to read the contract.

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