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I know that it isn't Progressive Leasings fault that I was not told that my total amount would not only double, but the "sales tax" would be high, but what I do not understand is why in the world do I have to pay "sales tax" in order to get the furniture AND pay "sales tax" on EVERY PAYMENT I MAKE TO PROGRESSIVE LEASING?! Even if it is an early payment I still have to pay extra to make up for the tax they are taking out.

Then on top of that their website tries to grey out the words (plus applicable sales tax) written under the balance scheduled for the next payment. So basically even if I paid the "entire balance" in one payment. I'm not really paying the balance because guess what? The "applicable sales tax" will take a chunk out of that!!

The contract makes it seem like you have a 90 day pay off option upfront, but you don't. If you add up how much you're "actually" paying on your account PLUS what you're "actually" paying in "sales tax" it's higher than your 90 day pay off amount! They just try and put your total payment amount on there to make it seem better. Well why not put my "actual" total payment amount towards my 90 pay off?!

What they should have put in small letters under your due amount is (The payment you make on your balance will actually be lower due to our sales tax on every single payment. Thank you for giving us your money!) This is just very disappointing in many ways and the agent I leased from will never get business done with me or my family again because they said they've been leasing furniture for a certain amount of years so I know for a fact they knew about the fine print written in these contracts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Company wrote 2 public responses to the review from Aug 11, 2017.
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The company that sells you the product does not charge initial sales tax (or at least should'nt be), when you pay your payment, then the sales tax is charged. Its confusing for a consumer, but its legit.

If you paid sales tax at the store, the store is double-dipping, not Progressive.

Btw, I am a customer and not an employee of Progressive.

My advice is to NEVER go past the 90 day mark. You are screwed at that point.

to Joe Consumer #1450651

nope, i was doing calculations for a product i recently bought. Im glad i saw it and paid it off right away.

Based off of my calculations, they charged me a total of about 9.5% on both sales AND lease tax. this is a lot. they were charging me about $23 a month while my pay off amount would nearly stay the same. That is where they get you.

For example, I had bought something at 250 and for two months I paid about 46 dollars. My pay out price should have been near 204, but due to the taxes im STILL near 250.

to A recent buyer #1450827
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We apologize if your experience hasn't met expectations. The number provided is a direct line to our Customer Relations Managers, who are more than equipped to resolve any concerns that you may have.

Please reach out to us at 877-593-2520 so we can discuss the matter with you further. Thank you!

Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. If you have indeed posted this concern regarding Progressive Financial, You may wish to contact them at 800-566-3053.

However, based on the details of your concern we believe you meant to address Progressive Leasing.

Progressive Leasing provides a unique No Credit Needed lease option. We are a lease company not a finance company we do not charge interest and we do not provide loans. We partner with retailers across the nation to provide an alternative lease to own option.

We strive to be above board with our customers and our hope is that we can assist you with your concerns. You can find more information on us by visiting

We encourage you to reach out to us at 877-593-2520.

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