I purchased a few furnitures from Big Lots through 90 day pay-off promotion. The financial company they work with is Progressive Finance. I've been paying the bi-weekly payment on time. Never late never missed. I still have a few days until the 90 day period is up, so I called the Progressive and tried to pay off my balance.

However, now the rep told me it will be original purchase amount + tax + 10% financial charge to pay it off. Before I made the purcahse, I've actually confirmed with 2 different Progressive agents, and they all told me the total amount will be the same as the store purchase amount, and they told me there won't be any charge nor interest; they won't be a dollar more as long as I pay it off within 90 days. So I went ahead and made the purchase.

Now I try to pay it off (still within 90 day period), they are telling me the 90 day pay off amount is the original price of the products + tax + 10% charge. So now they are telling to me pay 10% more than the amount on the contract as "Cash Price." I tried to speak with a supervisor but the call got dropped or they hung up on me.

They promote it as "no fee no charge no interest if paid off in 90 days," but how come there's 10% interest charge when I try to pay it off before 90 days?

Has anyone had similar issue?

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Leasing Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Yes I also have an issue right now Progressive told me I would pay a certain amount . Progressive has charge me interest an taxes on every payment I have made so far .

to Candace #1522620
Progressive Leasing Verified Representative

We understand how disturbing that must be. We want to assist you in any way possible.

We have searched our system, and unfortunately we couldn’t find a phone number to reach you.

We would like to provide you with a resolution. Please reach out to us at 877-593-2520 so we can help you.

to ProgressiveLeasingLLC #1537380

This issue should not occur. This is not a mistake, this is fraud and I thought about financing with Big Lots, but if this is what's going to occur.

No Thank you. Reach out to the BBB and the FTC.


Well that convinced me not to use the lease option.


I've bought three items with progressive.and never had to pay more then cash + tax in 90 days have never had an issue. The rules in your state may be differant.

Lancaster, New York, United States #1344335

In reality You are blaming the company for YOU SCREWING UP YOUR CREDIT, and having to use them .... Get over it.....

That's how the company makes their money for lending you money to buy something. I bought a living room set through them , I paid it off within 30 days and YES I PAID a 10% fee to do so .AND I am grateful for this company because without this program I couldn't have gotten my furniture at that time . If you read your contract or the sign at the store before you purchased you would have been well aware of the fee, don't say someone told you! .

Sounds to me like you have no one to blame but yourself for being irresponsible . And as I type this I am on my way there to purchase a new gazebo and grill which I will pay off in 90 days and gladly pay their 10% fee for letting me borrow the money!!

to Anonymous #1537384

It is evident you work for this company, with an ignorant comment such as this. 90 days same as cash is just that.

It means no finance fee, it is the same as cash.

How do you state this person messed up their credit, when you are using the same financing to get something smaller than furniture. Your credit must be really ridiculous just as you are.

to Stein #1591655

Lol So true

Hempstead, New York, United States #1319790

I'm currently using them. I was told to call them up after delivery to set up my payment plan because they will try to set up the 12 mos plan, which has tons of interest.

I was also told that if I wanted to pay it off early, there would not be any "crazy" additional fees. I've had no problem with the reps so far, they even let me alter the amounts on the payments to make sure I do have a payment going over every 2 wks.

Catskill, New York, United States #1290137

No I have not but I sent a few emails to the company and actually talked to them once on phone. I want to get information about them before I decide to fill application for this programme.

The gentleman at the easy leasing office told me that they do add a 1.9℅ charge but if you pay it off before the 90 days you only pay for the item you purchased and sail tax. The only way you pay the interest is if you due the payment option of doing over the 12 months.

to Anonymous #1418470

Yes that is correct i just purchased a sectional sofa for 699 they gave me a loan of 1.370 i only used 700 im going to payoff in 90 days if you dont pay in them 90 days thats where your intetest come in an paying more money because you be on the 12 month leasing im grateful for them

Denton, Texas, United States #1267300

Did you ever get this resolved with positive results? Or did you have to pay the 10%?

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1265366

Exactly what they did to me.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1235902

I know exactly what you are saying. I think it is a bait and switch scam...lets them and start a class action suit!

They are criminals... contact me at vbdreamer2@gmail.com

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1298153

I was looking to try this since I needed sofas, why did it not work for you?

to Anonymous #1416711

Read you contract you {{Redacted}}!!!

to Anonymous #1418473

Aint nobody forcing anyone to buy from them make sure you read your contract good so you will no


Oh wow!!! I was told whatever the amount was after I paid for the furniture that would be the difference of paying it off early with no interest at all and they *** I think 65% off the amount with interest. I have I think 130.00 dollars left to pay on the dresser and I paid it off already with no issues.

to Anonymous #1418472

Thats correct

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1233767

We've used them to buy a chair and a couch. They told us up front there was a 10% or $50 (whichever is the higher amount) fee, plus tax, if we pay it off in 90 days.

Which I had already done my own research and knew about the fee. But we needed a couch and chair, they were on sale, and we didn't have enough to buy them both at the time. So we did the lease program. They gave us a number and told us to call immediately when we got home and set it up for the 90 days.

We did. And paid it off with no trouble.

We were pretty pleased with it all. Very hassle free.

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