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Please don't use progressive leasing through bigblots. .... at the end they will up your payment.. and u will add charges Read more

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When my application was submitted it specifically stated my pay dates fall on the 5th and the 20th. It's not my fault that the information was entered incorrectly on Progressive Leasing's end . I will not be called again stating I need to contact your office immediately regarding a past due account that I'm not late on . I spoke with a Manager in Phoenix, AZ today named Ian and the only solution offered was to be put on the do not call list ,... Read more

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Such a rip. Don't do it! You will pay double for what you bought! Read more

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Everyone on her complaining should really read what the program is. NOWHERE in Big Lots does it say "90 days same as cash" with Progressive Leasing. It does say: you have the option to pay off in 90 days and pay 10% or $50 dollars over the original purchase price. This fee does not go to Big Lots. It goes to Progressive Leasing for you using their money to purchase the furniture. There is no credit check,just bank verification. They do not send... Read more

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I bought three times fom progressive and never had a problem i call th and told them all i needed it was 90 days tp pay for my product that o bought

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I made payment arrangments with them. After taking several payments of $75 a week out of my bank account. I asked them if I could switch to monthly payments which draw even more interest! It's bad enough I fell for these crooks but now they are calling and harassing me, telling me I'm late on my payment when it's not even due until the end of the month! I'm just about to give them their item back and they can shove it where the sun doesn't... Read more

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Originally we went into the mattress store to look around for our purchase for the following month. We were talked into the program and the initial payment of 59 dollars, not bad we thought. We said we will need to have our payments monthly and 30 days out. The salesman said, sure all you need to do is call them (progressive) and set it up. We called and progressive said they can't do that but we can work out another arrangement. Fine we get it... Read more

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Ok, the only number we have to call is 877-898-1970 so we have no choice but to hear the lady say how she can't verify the account even though I entered all the correct numbers into the system. Then once I get to the part about talking to a rep, they say press 0. I tried that a few times and nothing. Then I got an epiphany and tried pressing 0# and they did say something but I waited for over 15 mins. before I hung up. Poor Customer service... Read more

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From reading these reviews, it seems like the problem here is Big Lots employees, not Progressive. I bought my couch from a different furniture store, and was offered Progressive as the "90 days same as cash" offer. Perfect for our budget. As soon as my paperwork cleared the system, I received emails with my lease agreement from Progressive, where it clearly stated that I had to call a rep to confirm my choice for the 90 day payments, or they... Read more

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This company is a fraud. U purchase your bed get it home. Get the payment and your payment and debt is higher than your contract. You ask them to send you a copy of the contract they have, so that you can compare. Never comes. Don't trust the no credit check! Read more

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